World Record Holder


In 2005, Mick received a formal invitation to compete for a Guinness World Record for speed boxing. This record entailed delivering a record-breaking number of punches in the space of only 1 minute. The number to beat was 428, set by Englishman Paddy Doyle.

Surpassing this figure would not happen easily. Mick’s first attempt test left him with a mere 254 punches (just over half what he’d need to break Doyle’s record). Despite the overwhelming challenge revealed by his first results, Mick chose to stay the course believing that before a dream can become a reality, you have to reach a level of desire for it that defies reality.

He quickly went about analysing exactly how to improve his fitness levels and his technique to close the gap. He trained with Biometric engineers at Sydney University who frequently work with Olympic athletes, to develop the hand speed co-ordination required to catch the world record. With relentless focus, Mick applied these skills during the official attempt just twelve weeks later. He delivered 432 punches in a single minute, breaking the previous record by 4 punches!
Not long after, Englishman Paddy Doyle took back the mantle, delivering 467 punches in 1 minute. Mick felt obligated to respond to Doyle’s return and began organising an effort to get the title back in Australia.

Australian supporters rallied behind Mick. The announcement of the challenge generated a fair bit of publicity as Mick trained to reclaim the record from the Englishman. Twelve months after his first attempt, Mick, following six months of intensive training and more bio mechanical work with the University of Sydney, arrived at the public event to challenge Paddy Doyle’s record. The pressure was on now. Mick stated that the expectations from the cameras and crowd watching were miniscule compared to the pressure he put on himself! Needless to say, he gave it everything he had – all the hours of relentless preparation culminating into a single minute.

When the dust settled, Mick Fabar had knocked out 532 punches in 60 seconds! (That was 100 punches more than his first record!) Witnessing such a high level of improvement in himself, Mick’s faith in the power of discipline, planning and working with the right team became galvanised.

During the space of 8 years, Mick’s passion for speed boxing allowed him to set a total of 6 Guinness World Records. Three of these are still unbroken; The Guinness World Record for the most hits to a speed ball in 1 minute (in 2008), the most Left jabs delivered in 1 minute (2011). And the record he took back from Patty Doyle in 2006 still stands at 532 punches.