Mick as a Public Speaker


With a desire to contribute to the development of new ideas, positive opportunities and increase momentum for global and sustainable business, Mick has become involved in many communities through his public speaking work. Whether presenting at schools, businesses, banks, conferences or young entrepreneurs and sporting clubs, Mick enjoys the opportunity to deliver inspiration and motivation in a professional and dynamic way.

As a speaker, Mick’s sincerity is endearing, his passion is captivating and his desire to make a difference in the lives of each person in the audience is undeniable.

He presents audiences with a formula, which anyone can quickly use to perpetuate a pattern of success, no matter what their field or their goals. His five-step strategy explains how he was able to push through the limits of his own circumstances and discover the keys for generating success – repeatedly across different industries.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback received from his speaking engagements has further spurred Mick’s passion. He is committed to his mission to deliver a solid frame-work that people can walk away with and begin to tackle the biggest challenges of their lives; hurdles that arise when striving to achieve dreams and goals, whether they are working as a company, a group or as an individual.

For more information about booking Mick Fabar as a public speaker, please submit an expression of interest via the contact enquiry form on this website.