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Who knew that a little boy from Orange, New South Wales will grow into an intelligent man with amazing thinking skills and implementing them without a doubt? The name is Mick Fabar. He is an Australian businessman, builder, sportsman, and Guinness World Records holder. He is a true legend and can be seen from two perspectives, one that involves records set in his personal life and the other in his business achievements. A man who can do all these together. Mick founded Fabar Constructions in 2001. Then, he became managing director of green homes Australia which was started in 2006.

 A company that introduced new and path breaking methods in construction technology. Green building design involves finding the balance between home building and the sustainable environment. Green Homes Australia is Australia’s largest and fastest growing construction company focused on building affordable energy efficient homes.  Building energy efficient homes to reduce electricity consumption and bills is Fabar’s aim. Some of his unique and exclusive techniques included optimum use of solar power, rain water harvesting and recycling solutions and passive heating and cooling systems amongst others. Fabar is known for his work as a green buildings specialist.

Green Homes Australia quickly became Australia’s fastest growing residential construction company. He has grown the company into the largest sustainable home builder in Australia and has turned it into an international brand with additional offices as well. Thousands of Australian homeowners got the benefit from Mick unique perception on energy efficient homes. It was natural but that he was given many awards for his contribution in this field.  There were a lot of ups and downs in his entrepreneurial life before he could become such a well-known and internationally reputed personality.

The focus was on building energy efficient homes at affordable rates that not only saved on electricity bills but spared a thought too for the environment. He achieved this by incorporating certain unique features in the building plans like installation of solar energy plants, recycling applications, passive heating and cooling systems and rain water harvesting. He made a quick mark in the industry, taking his company to great heights within a short period of time. Mick Fabar is proud to be at the forefront of the building industry’s green energy movement. Operating in the building industry, he saw the opportunity to create a better product.