Green Business Leader

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Mick Fabar is proud to be at the forefront of the building industry’s green energy movement. Operating in the building industry, he saw the opportunity to create a better product. Green Homes Australia was born in Orange, a small town in regional New South Whales, in 2006 to offer sustainable building options. While starting from scratch, the effort quickly led to a viable business as clients embraced the opportunity to build a Green Home.

Under Mick’s direction, Green Homes Australia (GHA) Quickly became Australia’s fastest growing residential construction company. Within three years the business grew to over 20 builders, becoming Australia’s largest sustainable company overall. Today, they operate more than 30 offices in Australia and New Zealand with plans to expand globally.

Mick and his team now offer millions of Australians an affordable option for owning a sustainable home. Living in a Green Home reduces families’ carbon footprint and energy bills. Knowing how important it is, Mick was the first builder in his region to qualify as a GreenSmart accredited builder. He then went on to create the first GreenSmart accredited display homes in regional NSW.

In the early years of the green energy industry, Mick contributed by writing and publishing A Step By Step Guide To Building A Green Home which clearly outlined the procedures and steps to building an energy efficient home. Due to its popularity, the document was turned into an e-Book and published on Amazon within 2 years. To date, Mick has sold this e-Book in over 30 countries around the world.

Since the creation of Green Homes Australia in 2006, the company has received many awards for its construction contributions including The Most Sustainable Home Award in 2007 from the HIA (Housing Industry Association) and The Best Project Home, awarded in 2009.

Green Homes Australia achieved international acclaim by achieving ISO (International Standard Organisation) accreditation in 2015. Mick’s company was the first and currently the only company to receive the ISO accreditation in Australia.