Mick Blog

Mick as a Public Speaker

With a desire to contribute to the development of new ideas, positive opportunities and increase momentum for global and sustainable business, Mick has become involved in many communities through his public speaking work. Whether presenting at schools, businesses, banks, conferences or young entrepreneurs and sporting clubs, Mick enjoys the opportunity to deliver inspiration and motivation in a professional and dynamic way.

World Record Holder

In 2005, Mick received a formal invitation to compete for a Guinness World Record for speed boxing. This record entailed delivering a record-breaking number of punches in the space of only 1 minute. The number to beat was 428, set by Englishman Paddy Doyle.

An Auto Innovator

Mick’s interest in green energy and carbon-neutral footprints, didn’t stop at his business. In 2011, Mick imagined a car that would have zero effect on the environment. All the way from design, right through to construction, and operation. In his own words, he had been looking into the future cars his son might drive when the interest started.
Some research into bio-diesel fuels and the challenge was on!

Green Business Leader

Mick Fabar is proud to be at the forefront of the building industry’s green energy movement. Operating in the building industry, he saw the opportunity to offer a better product. So Green Homes Australia was born in Orange, in regional NSW.

Clients, desiring a product other project builders could not provide, finally had another option.