Mick Fabar

is the Managing Director of Green Homes Australia which he founded in 2006 in Orange, New South Wales. He has grown the company into the largest sustainable home builder in Australia and has turned it into an international brand with additional offices based in New Zealand.

Mick is also a dynamic sports person having competed in amateur and professional boxing ranks. With unstoppable determination, Mick has broken 6 Speed Boxing World Records.

Mick’s hobby is building elite and innovative show cars. He has designed and built numerous national award winning cars including the first certified zero emission Hot Rod, The Zerod. His cars have won a string of prestigious awards and have been featured in magazines around the world.

Philosophy of Success

Mick’s philosophy builds on the idea that Success Doesn’t Happen By Accident. Nothing he has achieved happened without a plan and it certainly didn’t happen by luck alone. Through his experience in climbing to the top of the ladder in sport and in multiple industries, Mick has identified and selected Five Essential Steps for achieving success. These 5 steps can be applied to any industry and can be used to propel individuals toward reaching goals and achieving their dreams. For more information regarding Mick’s public speaking availability, please submit an expression of interest by using the enquiry form at the end of this page.



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